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Taeyeon’s dotfiles (.files)


A ZShell script to set up the dotfiles. It will also ask a few questions. Run this on a new system to set it up.


The ZSH part makes use of the Prezto framework (

ZSH configuration files
  • zshenv : executed by all zsh instances
  • zprofile : executed by any top-level shell
  • zshrc : executed by interactive shells (loads prezto)
  • preztorc : contains prezto-specific configuration
  • zlogin : executed by login shells
  • zlogout : executed when a login shell exits

  • functions/ : Added to fpath

    • prompt_tae_setup: tae prompt setup
  • zplug/ : Zplug home directory


Contains utility applications I’d hate to miss

(Z) Shell scripts

  • argshell : Run the same program multiple times with a common prefix of arguments
  • : Quite sophisticated AUR helper
  • ffpsp(-batch) : Use HandBrakeCLI to encode videos to be compatible with Sony’s PSP.
  • Fix Steam runtime on Arch Linux (And others with “too new” libstdc++ and friends)
  • force-run-elf : Try to execute a non-executable ELF file by passing it to the appropriate interpreter
  • paloop : Loop a pulseaudio source to a sink.
  • remembersong : Save the currently playing song name and artist to a text file.
  • schedshut : Shutdown when a specific task/process finishes.
  • start : Start a (graphical) app in the background; Like windows command of same name.
  • syncfat : Copy files to a Windows volume while removing invalid characters from filenames.
  • unpack_shift : Unpack archives with different filename encoding

Python scripts

  • animelib : Manually organize a collection of tv series
  • animelib3 : Try to automagically organize tv series as best as possible
  • : Play back a python script file as if it had been entered into a prompt.
  • mountpart : Mount a partition in a whole-disk raw image file.
  • nosaver : Try to inhibit the screensaver.
  • patchdir : Patch a folder structure with files from an archive.
  • sm-song-package : Try to automatically create a .smzip of songs for StepMania.
  • transportlinks : Fixup symlinks after moving the target files.
  • videothumb : Create (PSP compatible) thumbnails for video files.
  • visualsleep : Sleep command with countdown timer.
  • xconv : A simple, profile-based, batch-enabled “frontend” to ffmpeg.
  • mpr : Control and listen to mpd stream at the same time.
  • prepare_steam : Try to fix up steam libraries on removable media.
  • stayawake : Pause media playback when user falls asleep.


Contains configuration for those utilities

Currently contains:

  • aur.conf : Configuration for
  • user-info : The user information entered at install time, in shell-readable form
  • prepare_steam.vdf: Config file for prepare_steam


Contains support libraries

(Z) Shell

  • : A collection of useful shell functions
  • libzsh-utils.zsh : More utility shell functions, but using zsh-specific features
  • Functions for working with the pulseaudio configs in .files/config/pulse
  • : Functions for working with the ssh-agent


  • : A very overengineered way to construct complex ffmpeg commandlines
  • : Library version on animelib script
  • : A simple parser for Valve’s VDF Key/Value format
  • xconv/ : Supporting library for xconv media conversion utility
    • profiles/ : (Virtual) package containing xconv profiles


Contains the git configuration (.files/git/config)

Changes made through git config --global have to be manually applied to .files/git/config (from ~/.gitconfig) to persist them

Also note that git uses its own version of user-info (.files/git/user-info)


Misc. dotfiles

  • makepkg.conf : Arch/Pacman makepkg configuration. See also and aur.conf
  • vimrc : Original vim configuration
  • XCompose : Compose definitions
  • xinputrc : X11 input device configuration
  • xprofile : X11 startup script


XDG configuration directory

  • systemd/user : Systemd user units
    • ssh-agent : Service unit to keep a per-user ssh-agent instance
  • nvim : NeoVim configuration


Contains LaTeX classes

  • Intridea beamer theme
  • ‘jatools’ package with some Japanese-related things


All dotfiles are symlinked into the home directory or have a proxy file generated.

Currently employed proxies: .gitconfig, .zshenv


Files ending on .local are ignored by git.

Currently, valid .local files are:

  • zsh/zprofile.local
  • zsh/zshrc.local